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Automated business processes and easy accounting transparently provided with dynamic prices. Leave it to us.

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Transparent Dynamic Pricing

Get charged based on only what you use. If you have fewer transactions this period, it becomes unused credits that can be used to offset next period’s bills. Get honest and transparent prices; our automated processes provide clarity to you on actual bills.

Get A Personal Accountant

A Chartered Accountant assigned to you and supports your everyday business need. We take charge of taxes, finances and all things corporate. We layer our robo-CFO technology with expert advice to give you the best experience possible.

Always Contactable

We answer fast. No more waiting 3 days for a reply, especially since time is money.

Everything you need, in one place


Select a package

We will work together with you to understand which package best suits your company and it’s needs.

A Dyanmic pricing model that aligns your business

Experiencing a low volume of transactions due to downtime? Don’t worry, your unutilised capacity will be converted to credit rebates that you can use in future when things get more busy.

Smooth and seamless migration

Want to come over? Don’t worry, we’ll bring over your accounts and workflow with no disruptions to your business. 

Maximise your business investment

Outsource so you save both time and money. Manage fewer employees. Keep your business lean so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Effortless Accounting At Your Fingertips

Snap and Send

Incurred an expense or receipt? Snap a picture and upload. Your accounts will be updated in real time.

Everything at a glance

Access your accounts over the cloud anytime, anywhere. Text or email us if you have a question.

We’re more than just accountants.

Consult our experts on other related matters:

  • Capital Raising
  • Bank Loan Application
  • Industry Analysis
  • Grant Application
  • Financial Analysis


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