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Why a roboCFO

SMEs are the bedrock of every economy, making up more than 75% of all enterprises. However, more than 80% of SMEs fail in financing assessment which impedes access to capital and growth opportunities. Our roboCFO provides low cost, smart financial analytics to improve governance and to get your company’s finances in order.

Quickly Obtain Financial Support

Input your financial metrics into the roboCFO to have a quick glance about your business’s financial ratios and perform a financial trend analysis among others.

Leverage Our Expert Advice 

Our roboCFO lets you know areas of finance you need to pay attention to – be it negative equity, high cash burn, repeated yearly losses etc. These are important financial metrics when applying for bank loans, government grants or when raising capital. Never have to spend too much time figuring out your financial position.

Benchmark Against The Industry

The roboCFO compares and benchmarks your business with industrial peers to provide you with financial insights of your company.

How It Works

Combining Expert Advice with Technology

Our in-house experts leverage the roboCFO – our proprietary big data analytics and industrial benchmarking technology to delivery sound, methodical financial advice for your business.

Technology As An Enabler

Financial advisory is built on sound interpersonal relationships and not on technology. We understand that; so we combine expert advice with what technology can offer. We use technology as a tool and as a means to an end.

One Seamless Service

Obtain complimentary roboCFO services if you sign on to any of our accounting packages. Our system pulls financial data into the roboCFO, benchmarking your data with industrial peers. Our experts then examine the results and provide professional insights. You will receive periodic reports about your company’s financial health.

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